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Achieve your dream fitness with Focus. Commitment and Consistency with FIONIS

Online Workout

Everyday Online Workouts

 Combination of core workouts and yoga for effective body toning and fitness

What are my benefits?

Professional trainers with interactive sessions

Customized diet planning and assessment

Before and after assessments

Perfect way to move out from sedentary lifestyle

Online Yoga

Online Yoga (3days/week)

Improves body flexibility, activates metabolism and aids in weight loss

What are my benefits?

Relieves from stress and improves mental health

Exclusive Yoga for PCOS & PCOD

Interactive sessions for proper posture and guidance

Perfect for all age groups to achieve fitness goals

Online Zumba Lesson

 Online Zumba (3days/week)

Funway to workout with graceful moves

What are my benefits?

Super effective   way to burn calories and aids weight loss

Zumba makes you happy and makes you want to not let go!

De-stresses you and improves body coordination with leg and hand.

Tones entire body and improves cardio health

Core and Abs

Core Strengthening Workouts
( 3days/week)

Core muscle strengthening workouts help improve body posture

What are my benefits?

Improves body balance and makes everyday body movements easier

Excellent for athletics - improves performance in walking, jogging and running

Relieves from body pain due to sedentary lifestyle

Helps you age gracefully


Personal Training
(Offline & Online)

Customized workouts based on client needs (fat loss, core strengthening,  medical  reasons)

What are my benefits?

Sessions conducted based on your preferred timings

Assessments to evaluate body fat and muscle percentage

 Expert nutritionist devised diet planning

Personal trainers keep you energized and motivated to achieve fitness goals

Doorstep/Online workout sessions by certified personal trainers

What our clients tell about us