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Corporate Fitness Program in Chennai

Improve employee engagement and increase productivity with our results-oriented corporate fitness program.

Why FIONIS Corporate Fitness Program?

Our corporate health and fitness programs are designed to improve overall employee wellness, fostering a positive work environment that benefits both individuals and the company as a whole.


FIONIS   is one of the leading fitness institutions providing corporate fitness programs to top organizations in Chennai, Tamil Nadu.


With over 7+ years of experience, we have transformed the lifestyle of more than 50,000 employees across various organizations. 

Our fitness programs are customized and aligned to suit the needs of the organizations. With a team of highly trained and dedicated trainers, our fitness programs gives a sense of personal touch to every employee.

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Benefits of Corporate Fitness Programs

Improved Employee Health

A healthy body directly translates to a healthy mind. An organization empowered with healthy and fit employees will emit positive vibes and happiness throughout the workplace. Your employees will feel that their well being is cared for


Enhanced Productivity

Health and fitness has cognitive benefits which helps improve memory power and concentration. There’s also a significant bump in creativity with energized soul and body through fitness. All of this ultimately boosts productivity at the workplace.

Stress Reduction

Fitness and health activities result in release of endorphin hormones that relieve stress considerably. That’s not it, it ultimately results in a sense of happiness in individuals thereby making the workplace a joyful yet productive place.

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Increased Employee Engagement

Fitness programs help elevate employee morale by imparting a sense of care by the employer. Such moral boosting initiatives translate to increased employee engagement thus, resulting in improved productivity and organizational success.

 Stronger Team Dynamics

Fitness and wellness activities act as a tool to bring together teams and improve team dynamics. A common interest in fitness can encourage a sense of togetherness and thereby help build stronger teams.

Enhance Company's Reputation

Fitness and wellness programs are direct statements that a company cares for its employees. It builds confidence and morale among employees that the organization truly cares for them. This ultimately results in a strong company reputation within and outside the organization.

Corporate Clients

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Our Happy Clients

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Fionis Testimonial

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Fionis Fitness Testimonials

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Fionis Fitness Testimonials

Fionis Fitness Testimonials

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Fionis Fitness Testimonials

Fionis Fitness Testimonials

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a corporate fitness program?

Corporate fitness programs are bespoke programs that are designed to meet the organizational goals through fitness and wellness activities. These programs are tailor made to suit  the needs of individual organizations.

What are the benefits of a corporate fitness program?

Corporate fitness programs help in achieving short term and long term business goals of an organization through wellness and fitness activities. Such activities have a direct impact on how an individual employee performs for the growth of the organization.

Why is fitness important for corporate employees?

Fitness is the key to a positive and healthy life for any human being. Employees usually tend to overlook fitness due to their hectic lifestyle and commitments. This directly impacts their skills and productivity at the workplace. Inducing fitness will thereby bridge the much needed lifestyle change for employees. This directly translates into improvement of not just their physical but mental well being as well. Fitness programs therefore help achieve larger organizational goals through physical and mental transformation of employees.

Check out our Employee Wellness Program.

What are the benefits of exercise in the workplace?

They key benefits of exercising and encouraging fitness in workplace are mentioned below

1. Improves employee physical and mental health
2. Boosts productivity of employees
3. Enhances team dynamics through sense of sportsmanship
4. Creates a sense of engagement among employees
5. Reduces stress and increases employee happiness


What is a corporate health and wellness program?

Corporate health and Corporate wellness programs are fitness and wellness activities designed to improve the physical and mental well being. These activities include Workouts, Yoga, Zumba and other fun forms of fitness. Such programs are designed to meet the desired goals of organization for growth and success. An organization is built of its employees. Hence, happy and fit employees can accelerate the growth of the organization through health and wellness programs.

How to contact FIONIS?

For corporate enquiries, we can be reached through the following means


Phone:   +91 98840 51175


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